Jennifer for Calgary Co-op

Dear Friends,

Thank you for nominating me as a candidate in the current 2019 Calgary Co-op Board election. Please take the time to vote here between March 1-22nd, 2019.

I have dedicated my volunteer efforts over the past 10 years to providing strategic oversight, board governance, fiscal responsibility and leadership on issues that impact residents, support sustainability and community building. 

The Calgary Co-op is an organization that profits Calgarians. I believe it holds the potential to impact the lives of Calgarians in a positive way.

I will engage new demographics, local businesses and reward loyal members & innovative staff. The Calgary Co-op will need to adapt competitively to changes in government policy and international trade agreements, curate to the consumer, innovate through re-developments, onsite power & e-commerce and strategically manage risk between new and existing lines of business.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about my campaign and I thank you for taking the time to exercise your vote.

You can VOTE here! (With your name, member no. and postal code!)

All the best to you & yours,