New Tang Dynasty – Chinatown

Intimidated by Chinatown? Don’t be! Hand-pulled noodles are one of several regional dishes this restaurant is known for. Special thanks to my friends for first recommending New Tang¬† Dynasty and since converting me to a regular patron of this local gem.¬† Tip: Order the Hand-pulled noodles in chili oil and add beef. What sounds like…

Hunterhorn Plaza – Pho Thanh Vietnamese

This place is ALWAYS busy. Possibly one of the most affordable Vietnamese restaurants in the city so be prepared to use credit or cash. No frills esthetic, but perfect for large portion take out noodles and spring rolls had a perfect crunch. Next time I will have to try the Pho!

Japanese Fusion – Japa Redheads Cafe

Very unique space and menu. Reasonably priced with specials and features each day. Fusion aside, Umami is the focus here – even the stir fry was complex between smoky flavours and included non-standard vegetables like lotus root as well. Our adventurous order was the takoyaki – balls of fried battered octopus – did not disappoint…

Last Best Brewpub – Lunch Spot with Co-Workers

A quick location to walk to with co-workers from downtown and a great place to meet groups – Last Best always has a fresh menu. I opted for a light lunch and ordered an appy for 1 – Bannock with Bison Steak. It was layered nicely with a strong cheese, and the bannock was nice…

Hunterhorn Plaza – Sushi Kimu

Small group seating and big on freshness. Sushi Kimu also offers “jumbo” sized rolls of your favourites. Tucked away in Hunterhorn Plaza – this restaurant is great for date nights and offers a menu with interesting rolls.

Jerusalem Shawarma

Large portions to keep you going on your trek to Ikea. Great tasting and fresh pitas. The hummus is creamy and cucumbers crisp – a well rounded platter.

Kiwa – Korean

The spicy seafood stew was full of flavour and even included some squid!

Diamond Bakery – Chinatown

I would never have found this location by myself as it is tucked below ground level. The staff are very friendly. The baking and pastry aroma will draw any egg tarts addict. I believe these are the best in the city. The perfect texture, flaky pastry around pretty yellow moons – these are well worth…

Hot Plate – Biriyani & Kababs on the Go!

My parents have already accepted I have failed them in the traditional cooking department, so I ordered takeout here when they came to visit. This corner of the falconridge strip mall is full of excellent takeout, dine-in and caterers. Hot plate offers extremely reasonable kababs and biriyani, which is great for the days you don’t…

Brixton Pub – Comfort Foodie

Have I mentioned that I love the Brixton? This neighbourhood pub is fairly new, but serves up a fresh take on neighbourhood pub drinks & eats. My personal favourite: the blackened chicken fettuccine. In this case they were out of fettuccine, and substituted with linguine which was equally good (if not better). Great atmosphere, people…