Corporate Calgary – Charcut

I love love love Charcut’s daily lunch specials. This is a restaurant that is unassuming, despite it’s many accolades, success and recognition on “where to eat” lists throughout the country. For only $15, you can grab a sit down with your colleagues (while still looking fancy) and try their parmesan fries, a daily soup or…

More than just “Salt & Pepper”

Locally owned with character plating and décor, this restaurant offers platters to sample & share as well as entrees ranging from $14-~$20. They have some pretty enticing weeknight specials which would be great for a midweek yyc date night.

Boardwalk – Burgers & Fries

Burgers & Fries oh my! The name fits the menu with a range of classic burger choices with a cali-twist of avocado, truffle oil and veggie options. Fries with cheese and jalapenos left something to be desired and I typically prefer veggie burgers that don’t use mixed veggies (corn, peas, carrot) in the patty but I…

Roustabout – Fort St. John

This seems to be a local favourite and is especially accommodating for large groups. I was surprised they had Caribbean inspired dishes on the menu, so tried the Caribbean Curry ($16) for lunch.

Gachi – Pinterest worthy fusion

Met a group of friends here for brunch and wow were all the plates pretty! Fusion flavours of East meets West were fun and flavourful and made particularly interesting in BRUNCH form. I will be going back.  

Wayo Korean

Wayo recently took over the location of our previous favourite Korean restaurant – Sura. Wayo has an updated interior with burners built in to each table and HVAC (which is helpful when dining infront of your bbq!).  Bibimbap -a hot stone bowl full of neatly arranged veggies & bbq beef over a bed of rice and a cracked…

Cleaver – Cutting through Classics

If you follow my posts you’ve likely realized I have a penchant for fried chicken. So of course I ordered the Buttermilk Chicken Slider. For a slider, this was a HUGE portion size. I also picked off a friend’s chicken salad with parmesan dressing – and it was absolutely delicious. Use the term “salad” loosely as…

National on 8th – Scotch Egg

This is not a full review of the restaurant – just of one appy to go with my beer: The Scotch Egg. What is a scotch egg? It is a medium poached egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried in batter. The trick is not overcooking the yolk – which is really hard to do….